Building capacity to help Africa trade better


Making the AfCFTA work: Some additional Requirements

01 Nov 2021 ~ Gerhard Erasmus
States have jurisdiction over their territories. They control the movement of goods, services, capital, and persons across borders. But no country can prosper in isolation. Trade agreement...read more

International Court rules on the Maritime Boundary between Kenya and Somalia

01 Nov 2021 ~ Gerhard Erasmus
In 1829, the English adventurer Sir Walter Raleigh wrote: “For whosoever commands the sea commands the trade; whosoever commands the trade of the world commands the riches of ...read more

Regional Economic Communities have unique Features and different Functions

01 Nov 2021 ~ Gerhard Erasmus
The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is generating a new awareness of and an interest in the Regional Economic Communities (RECs). They are expected to play a role in achieving...read more

The AfCFTA Dispute Settlement Mechanism as part of a continental Trade Regime

05 Oct 2021 ~ Gerhard Erasmus
Article 20 of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Founding Agreement provides for a Dispute Settlement Mechanism as part of the overall AfCFTA design. It reads: A Dispute...read more

The Institutions of the Dispute Settlement Mechanism of the AfCFTA

05 Oct 2021 ~ Gerhard Erasmus
The implementation of the Dispute Settlement Mechanism of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is governed by a dedicated Protocol, the Protocol on Rules and Procedures on the ...read more

How will Rulings regarding AfCFTA Disputes be implemented?

05 Oct 2021 ~ Gerhard Erasmus
Disputes declared in terms of the AfCFTA Dispute Settlement Protocol can be settled during the consultation phase, which comes first and is compulsory. Article 7 of the AfCFTA Dispute Sett...read more

WTO fisheries negotiations – A few but tough issues to resolve ahead of November 2021 Ministerial Conference (MC12)

28 Sep 2021 ~ Kedibone Machiu, Mpho Leseka, Noncedo Vutula, Thembekile Mlangeni
The World Trade Organisation (WTO) held a ministerial meeting on 15 July 2021 to discuss the progress of the fisheries subsidies negotiations. The discussions emphasised that the current n...read more

Improving the Business and Investment Climate in Africa – Why and How?

24 Sep 2021 ~ John Stuart
The ‘cost of capital’ refers to the rate of return required by lenders of capital or investors, in order to incentivise them to provide capital to business ventures. Developing economi...read more

The benefits of trade facilitation measures: the Kazungula bridge project

07 Sep 2021 ~ Edina Moyo Mudzingwa
The Kazungula Bridge, located on Zambezi River where Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia borders interconnect, was identified as a significant connector on a strategic road network for ...read more

The WTO is getting ready for the 12th Ministerial Conference

02 Sep 2021 ~ Kedibone Machiu, Mpho Leseka, Noncedo Vutula, Thembekile Mlangeni
The World Trading System is back on the agenda. Trade ministers from around the world met in Geneva, Switzerland, in July, to review the progress in fisheries negotiations in preparation f...read more

Transforming African Trade Corridors for the Future: What Are the Key Priority Areas?

24 Aug 2021 ~ Etiyel Chibira
Africa must prioritise the transformation of key trade corridors which connect the Regional Economic Communities (REC) if indeed the continent is to reap the full potential of the African ...read more

Leveraging Technology to Improve Regulatory Compliance and Trade Efficiency: A Focus on Road Transport

24 Aug 2021 ~ Etiyel Chibira
Road transport is an important mode for Africa’s trade, carrying over 90% of intra-regional and regional trade (Afreximbank: 2019). This is likely to continue into the future in the abse...read more

Improving Customs Efficiency: What are the Gains and For Whom?

24 Aug 2021 ~ Etiyel Chibira
It is imperative for Africa to transform its customs environment through fast-tracking implementation of interventions geared towards eliminating inefficiencies, if the continent is to mak...read more

Improving Border Efficiency in sub-Saharan Africa: The Need to Look at ‘Beyond the Border’ Operations

24 Aug 2021 ~ Etiyel Chibira
Border posts are one of the most important nodes whose performance has a significant bearing on corridor performance, efficiency of supply chains and trade competitiveness. In sub-Saharan ...read more

Harnessing the potential of the AfCFTA

05 Aug 2021 ~ Miracle Okoro
Introduction: The Potential of the AfCFTA The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement has been described as the continent’s most ambitious regional integration initi...read more

Unrest in South Africa: food security and supply chain responses

05 Aug 2021 ~ David Christianson
When South Africa’s most recent spate of civil unrest, triggered when former President Jacob Zuma handed himself over to the Correctional Services facility in Estcourt in KwaZulu Natal, ...read more

Gender-Responsiveness in Trade Agreements – how does the AfCFTA fare?

30 Jul 2021 ~ Lolita Laperle-Forget
Gender mainstreaming in free trade agreements is becoming an increasingly common practice.[1] This involves including provisions to address the specific needs of women and implementing agr...read more

How can the AfCFTA assist Small Scale Traders?

28 Jul 2021 ~ Kimberley Nyajeka
When thinking about international trade, pictures of cargo ships carrying multi-coloured crates or large haulage trucks cruising along an empty highway are usually evoked. While the large-...read more

The role of profit in vaccine development

23 Jul 2021 ~ David Christianson
There has been much comment on the role of big pharmaceutical companies in developing a vaccine against Covid-19. Opinions generally fall into one of two camps: either that it is wrong to ...read more

Covid vaccine manufacturing in Africa – important, but not the first-line response to this pandemic

06 Jul 2021 ~ David Christianson, Trudi Hartzenberg
Many Africans are, quite justifiably, deeply angered at the inequities in the global distribution of vaccines to combat the Covid-19 epidemic. These replicate existing global inequalities ...read more


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