Engaging with the international e-commerce trade agenda for structural transformation in Africa

Ashly Hope (Volunteer)
30 Jul 2018
E-commerce can be an important contributor to Africa’s structural transformation. E-commerce is not just about online shopping. E-commerce is variously defined as the purchase and sale ... read more

Trump’s Trade War: Are the Brakes failing?

Gerhard Erasmus
27 Jun 2018
It is claimed that the United States of America has the oldest written constitution in the world which is still in use. It was carefully crafted, through a system of checks and balances an... read more

AfCFTA negotiations after Kigali – keeping an eye on the end game

Trudi Hartzenberg
20 Jun 2018
The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) negotiations took an important step forward in early June, as the African Union (AU) Ministers of Trade adopted the legally scrubbed annexe... read more

Is the AfCFTA a Legal Person? Does it matter?

Gerhard Erasmus
19 Jun 2018
International organizations can be (and often are) subjects of international law. Whereas States possess the totality of international rights and duties recognized by international law (th... read more

How might Africa benefit from e-commerce technology?

John Stuart
19 Jun 2018
World trade has entered a new mode; one that is to international trade what the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ is to traditional manufacturing. Digital tools now make it possible for a... read more