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tralac launched its ‘Women in Trade Governance Network’ (‘SheGovernsTrade’) during its 2019 Annual Conference in Nairobi. Our program supports women working in trade policy and governance to build technical capacity in international trade governance, to develop professional skills, including change management and to enhance women’s participation in trade governance across the continent.

This network has two pillars:

  • a network of women in trade governance working on Africa’s trade governance at national, regional, continental and multilateral levels
  • a development program for junior and mid-career women professionals designed to increase their technical and leadership skills with respect to rules-based trade governance.

2021 SheGovernsTrade development program

Overall program objective

Capacitate and empower especially young women policymakers as they contribute to enhance trade governance in Africa

Specific program objectives

  • Increase trade technical skills

  • Increase leadership and professional skills

Core principles of the program

  • Mainstreaming women in trade governance

  • Peer learning


We aim to empower women in trade policy and governance roles, without creating any divided spaces. We support inclusive policy making and governance processes.

We also encourage participants in this program to take part in other tralac training and events alongside the specific activities in the SheGovernsTrade Development Program. The program will be offered digitally.

Peer learning

While tralac will offer trade technical and professional development training as part of this program, the real expertise, experience and learning will come from peers in the group. The program will actively support peer learning and engagement to achieve its objectives. This means each participant must be willing to share their experiences, and to engage with other participants.
Program activities

20 Participants will be selected for the 2021 program.

Initial training week: 12 – 16 April 2021

  • Programme orientation, introductions, agreeing common purpose

  • Trade technical training

  • Professional development (professional communication – oral and written)

Ongoing digital program (details to follow)

  • Developing a mentoring relationship

  • Trade technical webinar series: current issues on Africa’s trade agenda; trade data, tariff and policy analysis

  • Professional skills: blog writing

  • Trade technical: online video content, reading, online tasks

Applicants working in a trade-related capacity in a national government or related agency, regional or continental organisation, are eligible. Preference will be given to those 35 years old or younger.

  1. Please send your cv (with details of your current position and trade-related work) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (subject line: SheGovernsTrade Application).

  2. Please send a one-minute video (recorded on your mobile phone) introducing yourself and providing a motivation for your participation in the program, to +27724152440.

Applications close: 25 March 2021. Selected participants will be informed: 7 April 2021.