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2023 SheGovernsTrade development program

tralac is pleased to announce the 2023 SheGovernsTrade Development Program. This Development Program contributes to the objectives of SheGovernsTrade to mainstream gender in Africa’s trade policy and governance and complements the Women Traders in the AfCFTA program that tralac implements in collaboration with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and UPS which aims to support women traders to benefit from the potential of the AfCFTA.

Overall program objective

Capacitate and empower especially young women policymakers as they contribute to enhance trade governance in Africa

Specific program objectives

  • Increase technical trade skills

  • Increase leadership and professional skills

  • Develop a network of women trade experts across Africa through mentorship

Core principles of the program

  • Mainstreaming gender in trade governance

  • Peer learning


We aim to empower women in trade policy and governance roles, without creating any divided spaces. We support inclusive policy making and governance processes.

We encourage participants in this program to take part in other tralac training and events alongside the specific activities in the SheGovernsTrade Development Program. The program will be offered digitally.

Peer learning and mentorship

While tralac will offer trade technical and professional development training as part of this program, the real sharing of expertise, experience and learning will come from peers in the group. The program will actively support peer learning and engagement to achieve its objectives. We encourage each participant to share experiences and to engage with other participants.

Each participant will work with a mentor to support their professional development objectives.

The part-time Programme will run from May till end October 2023.

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tralac launched its ‘Women in Trade Governance Network’ (‘SheGovernsTrade’) during its 2019 Annual Conference in Nairobi. Our program supports women working in trade policy and governance to build technical capacity in international trade governance, to develop professional skills, including change management and to enhance women’s participation in trade governance across the continent.

This network has two pillars:

  • a network of women in trade governance working on Africa’s trade governance at national, regional, continental and multilateral levels

  • a development program for junior and mid-career women professionals designed to increase their technical and leadership skills with respect to rules-based trade governance.

SGT Development Program: Class of 2023

Tasha Mwanto Chongo

Tasha Mwanto Chongo holds a bachelor’s and an MBA. She is a policy analyst and a researcher with a deep interest in enhanced trade amongst African countries and the dire need to promote value addition in Africa. In addition to her research work at ZAM, she has contributed to several papers that implemented measures to improve the manufacturing sector. Her research has and continues to contribute to policies that are shaping the future of Zambia. She is also a Youth Lead Fellow under the FHI360 - USAID program. She was delighted to be a part of the She Governs Trade Program and to use the knowledge gained to make valuable contributions to her country.



Joalane TotaJoalane Tota is a Master of Science in Economics student at the National University of Lesotho, in collaboration with African Economic Research Consortium (AERC). Tota is a compassionate person with both interpersonal and great leadership skills. Her interests include youth empowerment, and acquiring leadership roles in trade, that will contribute to the socio-economic growth and development needs of Africa as a region, as well as contribute towards the achievement of SDGs goals to eradicate poverty and inequality.


Daisy Codjoe

Daisy Codjoe is a Ghanaian-based lawyer specialising in trade, oil & gas and commercial law. She is passionate about African development and contributes to this by providing legal assistance to African and international corporations to enable them maximise their operations on the continent.



Zilinde Monjeza

Zilinde Monjeza possesses a vast amount of knowledge in a variety of trade-related issues, including trade policy and administration. She is deeply committed to promoting women’s economic empowerment and advancing gender mainstreaming in the field of trade. Zilinde is highly motivated to identify solutions and execute projects that facilitate greater participation and market access for women.



Arinda Linda

Arinda Linda is a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce working under the Trade Justice Department of SEATINI-Uganda. She is passionate, flexible, and critical in identifying trade agreement gaps, advocates for better trade policies, and is motivated by the need for positive national economic development and the achievement of her career goals.



Lilian Wairimu

Lilian Wairimu is a trade and policy intern at the East African Business Council (EABC), currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Economics at Kenyatta University, Kenya. Her primary areas of interest include bilateral and multilateral trade, as well as the intersection between research, trade, international development, and gender. With a keen eye for economic trends and policies, Lilian is dedicated to advancing the interests of East African businesses and communities through her work. Her passion for trade and policy is matched by her enthusiasm for research, where she actively seeks to explore new ways of improving trade outcomes and promoting gender equality. Lilian is committed to making a meaningful contribution to the field of trade and policy, both in Kenya and beyond.



Christine Byaruhanga

Christine Byaruhanga is a trade and integration enthusiast currently pursuing her Masters of Science degree in International Trade Law and Policy with Trapca (Arusha). She is currently employed with ALP Advocates, a regional based law firm operating within East Africa. Her research areas include arbitration, regional integration and litigation and trade within the East African Community. Christine is passionate about the active participation and empowerment of women in trade and the potential that lies therein.



Faith Mbakhwa

Faith Mbakhwa is a trade and development policy analyst currently working with GIZ Botswana under the CESARE (Trade) project. She works on issues related to trade facilitation, NTBs and trade in services in the SADC region. Faith Mbakhwa holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and international economics, and a masters in laws in international law and international relations, with a speciality on international trade law. She is currently pursuing her PhD, focusing on trade facilitation issues in SADC and the AfCFTA.


Patricia Chisi

Patricia Chisi is a dynamic, result oriented with high advocacy skills, policy developer through frequent engagement with, for example, COMESA & SADC. Board chair and trustee of Southern Africa Cross Border Traders (SACBTA), president of Women Cross Border traders, gender strategist in Southern Africa. Chairperson National Businesswomen (NABW). Lecturer with Masters’ degree in Curriculum Development with credit.



Mary Malunga

Mary Malunga is a Malawian expert in gender equality,  women empowerment and trade for over twenty years. Currently she works as the Gender and Social Inclusion Officer at a regional organization – Southern Africa Cross Border Traders Association based in Harare,  Zimbabwe.



Patience Gombalume

Patience Gombalume always had a grinding ambition to be nuanced on the dynamics of Trade and Trade Governance. Working under the Post Clearance division for the Botswana Revenue Services has given her a bit of insight on the significance of Trade and how she plays a role as a Customs officer. Having a background of Risk Management made it easier to identify loopholes in some declarations that were processed by clearing agents. She believes that She GovernsTrade is a great platform to empower women to define their niche in the overall Economy and see how they can also play a role a facilitating trade. Before coming to the BURS she had no prior experience on Customs matters but now her knowledge has been really broadened, something for which she will forever be grateful for.



Deborah Munyekenye

Deborah Munyekenye is the Head of Trade in the County Government of Kakamega, Kenya. She is passionate to help in the eradication of poverty. She has founded the Palmoil Honey Company, where   during non-working hours; she engages women and youth on using the readily available resources to earn income.



Bethelhem Abraham

Bethelhem Abraham is currently working as a Technical Advisor at German Development Cooperation Office (GIZ) Ethiopia. Bethelhem holds an LLM degree from Addis Ababa University in Public International Law with a concentration on International Economic Law. She is enthusiastic about international trade and investment, regional integration, competition policy, intellectual property rights, arbitration and sustainability. She is also interested in the role of women in trade and investment governance. She has ample experience in working for business organizations, Academia, government and civil society organizations.




Wudassie is Gender Policy Advocacy Analyst with over 5+ years experience at the continental and regional level. With a background in gender equality, law, women’s empowerment, trade and development, Wudassie has served the GIMAC network as an Advocacy Assistant since 2016. She has coordinated the advocacy activities of the network in monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality in Africa by the African Union and Member States. She has also supported the network’s advocacy effort towards mainstreaming gender equality at the African Union towards effective recognition and integration of gender agenda at the AUC Summits. In previous years Wudassie has worked as Research Assistance and lecturer at Harmaya university, Ethiopia. She holds a bachelor degree in Law.



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