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tralac’s Daily News Selection

12 Jul 2018
A Tripartite Consultative Workshop starts tomorrow in Arusha , ending on 17 July. China’s trade policy review started yesterday at the WTO: the reports submitted by the WTO secretariat and from Beijing can be downloaded here....

tralac’s Daily News Selection

11 Jul 2018
Launched today in Addis Ababa: The inaugural Africa’s Development Dynamics 2018 report Africa needs development strategies that are more coherent and that prioritise improved public action to stand up to the challenges of...

tralac’s Daily News Selection

10 Jul 2018
COMESA Summit update: The 38th Inter-governmental Committee began on Monday in Lusaka . The committee will review reports on the implementation of regional integration programmes and make recommendations to the Council of...

tralac’s Daily News Selection: AGOA Forum

9 Jul 2018
The 17th annual US - Sub-Saharan Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum (commonly known as the AGOA Forum) takes place this week in Washington on the theme: Forging new strategies for US-Africa trade and investment Witney...