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tralac Newsletter

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tralac’s electronic newsletter focuses on topics of special interest to Africa’s trade and regional integration agendas, as well as highlighting tralac’s policy dialogue, research and capacity-building activities. We also include updates from AGOA.info.

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Current issue

June 13, 2024: tralac Annual Conference Newsletter

Past Issues

April 8, 2024: The Guided Trade Initiative: What is it, how does it work and what are we learning about the AfCFTA?

February 28, 2024: Movement of persons in Africa

February 2, 2024: First Newsletter for 2024

December 21, 2023: Final Newsletter for 2023

December 19, 2023: COP28 and SheGovernsTrade

December 14, 2023: AGOA Newsletter

November 10, 2023: Terms used in the AfCFTA legal instruments

August 23, 2023: The AfCFTA, regional developments, and focus on North Africa

May 26, 2023: Annual Conference Newsletter

April 11, 2023: The trade-climate landscape

March 9, 2023: International Women’s Day

February 6, 2023: First Newsletter for 2023

December 23, 2022: Final tralac Newsletter for 2022

December 1, 2022: Reflection and review of COP27

November 7, 2022: Reporting on the 2022 Annual and Alumni Conferences

September 10, 2022: tralac Annual Conference newsletter

September 6, 2022: Newsletter

June 2022: Trade facilitation and dispute settlement under the AfCFTA

May 2022: The WTO's 12the Ministerial Conference and updates on developments in the AfCFTA negotiations

April 2022: A look at matters high up on the African continental trade and development agenda

March 2022: Updates on the AfCFTA and war in Ukraine

February 2022: AfCFTA negotiations, African economic integration, and international political affairs

January 2022: First tralac newsletter for 2022

December 2021: Review of an extraordinary year

November 2021: COP 26 special

October 2021: Systemic issues in African trade and topical global developments

September 2021: Dispute settlement in intra-African trade and economic integration

August 2021: Update on the AfCFTA negotiations

July 2021: Annual Conference 2021

May 2021: Update on the AfCFTA negotiations, global trade and broader economic governance developments

April 2021: Investment issues in the AfCFTA

March 2021: Women in trade governance and the AfCFTA negotiations

January 2021: Welcome to tralac’s first newsletter for 2021

December 2020: End of 2020 reflections on trade and trade-related developments in Africa

November 2020: Start of trading under the AfCFTA regime

October 2020: Trade and related data matters

September 2020: tralac Annual Conference Report

August 2020: Industrial development and policy for Africa

pdf July 2020: Update on the African Continental Free Trade Area (8.88 MB) . Read it online.

pdf June 2020: Perspectives on trade-related issues that matter for Africa’s youth (9.50 MB) . Read it online.

pdf May 2020: COVID-19 and its impact (3.00 MB) . Read it online.

pdf April 2020: Special Edition on COVID-19 (1.33 MB) . Read it online.

pdf March 2020: Update on the AfCFTA (2.68 MB) . Read it online.

February 2020: tralac’s first newsletter for 2020

December 2019: tralac’s final newsletter for 2019

October 2019: Trade in services in the AfCFTA

August 2019: Institutions as the Anchor of Good Governance

July 2019: Dispute settlement in trade agreements

April 2019: The AfCFTA enters into force on 30 May

March 2019: Reflections on the tralac Annual Conference in Nairobi and AfCFTA developments

February 2019: South Africa – Where does economic policy and governance stand?

pdf January 2019: Developments to be monitored during 2019 (4.77 MB) . Read it online.

December 2018: Where do we stand on trade policy matters at the end of 2018?

November 2018: The Southern African Customs Union

pdf October 2018: The Multilateral Trading System – quo vadis? (1.10 MB) Read it online.

September 2018: Developments in Dispute Settlement in International Trade.

pdf August 2018: Women and trade (1.23 MB) . Read it online.

pdf July 2018: SADC-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (1.05 MB) . Read it online.

pdf June 2018: The African Continental Free Trade Area (865 KB) . Read it online.


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