Interns and Volunteers


Interns and Volunteers

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Internship Programme

The objective of the tralac internship programme is to offer to young African graduates with a background in trade related disciplines an opportunity, to gain a better understanding of international trade matters, and to provide them with an opportunity to contribute to the inter-disciplinary (trade law and economics) analysis of trade and regional integration matters, specifically as they pertain to African countries. The programme in turn provides tralac with the assistance of outstanding recent graduates specialising in trade law, economics, international relations or another trade-related discipline. tralac has limited funds to support Interns.

For further details, see the following documents:

pdf tralac Internship Waiver (118 KB)

Volunteer Programme

The objective of the tralac Volunteer Programme is to offer graduates, in trade-related disciplines, from non-African countries, an opportunity to work with the tralac team to gain a better understanding of international trade matters, specifically relevant to African countries. tralac does not provide any funding support for Volunteers.

For further information, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..