tralac engages in applied trade law and policy analysis with the aim of addressing the most pressing trade matters for countries across eastern and southern Africa. tralac’s work covers a range of issues pertaining to the region’s trade and integration agenda; these are contained in the themes listed below.
Examines the challenges and opportunities associated with Africa’s regional integration agenda and boosting intra-African trade, particularly in the RECs and the TFTA and AfCFTA
Examines Africa’s trade in agriculture and commodities and the emerging challenges and opportunities resulting from changes in global prices, supply and demand
Examines intra-African trade and trading relationships between the African continent and existing and rising trade partners through trade data analysis and statistical modelling
Examines how trade and development finance could be leveraged to promote the sustainable development of developing countries and LDCs
Examines how multilateral trade negotiations and trade policy can work for developing countries in the 21st century
Examines the challenges and opportunities for African countries posed by the growing importance of innovation and IP in a globalised economy
Explores the role of trade in supporting climate action and the sustainable use of the environment and natural resources
Explores the increasingly important role of services, logistics and trade facilitation measures in regional and international trade
Examines the role of competition policy, investment, regulatory regimes and NTBs in hindering or promoting intra-regional trade