The Crisis in WTO Dispute Settlement

Gerhard Erasmus
- 1 Oct 2018
The effective functioning of the dispute settlement system of the WTO is essential for rules-based multilateral trade. It provides certainty and predictability and prevents power-based... more

Education in the 21st Century Digital World

John Stuart
- 14 Sep 2018
In his 1995 best-selling book ‘The Road Ahead’, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said “the computer won’t dominate the learning experience, but it will effectively augment learning, especially... more

Brexit on Tour in Africa

Trudi Hartzenberg, Gerhard Erasmus
- 4 Sep 2018
Prime Minister Theresa May made a brief visit last week to South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. These are the large, anchor economies of Southern, East and West Africa. They are also all... more