2017 in trade – green shoots in Africa?

2017 in trade – green shoots in Africa?

Ashly Hope - 15 Dec 2017

Ashly Hope, tralac Research Coordinator (trade in services & regulation), provides an overview of significant regional and global trade-related developments in 2017 and the implications for Africa

While globally protectionist sentiment and economic nationalism continue to rattle the multilateral trading system, here on the continent, even amongst serious political upheavals, we are seeing some positive, incremental progress towards advancing rules-based trade governance, and improving governance generally.

Despite the Trump administration rhetoric, and ongoing Brexit complications, it seems global trade is picking up, and protectionism is decreasing. In its most recent quarterly report, the WTO has found fewer trade-restrictive measures than in the previous period, and more trade facilitating measures than restrictive measures. International trade flows have increased in the last 12 months, and the WTO has also revised up its forecasts for global trade growth.

China continues to signal its increased interest in taking a leadership role in global trade, while the United States continues to disrupt, dispute and disempower global trade

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