When Corruption becomes State Capture

When Corruption becomes State Capture

Gerhard Erasmus - 13 Oct 2017

Gerhard Erasmus, tralac Associate, discusses state capture in South Africa and the implications of failure to take urgent remedial action

South Africa has seen an avalanche of very disturbing revelations about corruption and state capture. This has been going on for some time,[1] and still there is no response from the government as to how this crisis will be addressed. The ANC leadership is occupied by a different agenda; keeping the lid on internal squabbles and electing a new party leader in December. This state of affairs persists despite growing evidence of governance failure, economic stagnation, and signs that international investors and rating agencies have lost confidence in the ability of the government to properly manage the economy.

President Zuma, whose presidency has been bogged by one scandal after the other[2] (but who has survived them all) has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. Despite almost overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he has not admitted that the Gupta family wields any undue influence over his government or in State-Owned Enterprises such as

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