tralac promotes active debate on trade law and policy issues in east and southern Africa and engages in applied trade law and policy analysis with the aim of addressing the most pressing trade matters for countries in the region. In brief, tralac develops trade law and policy intellectual capital: this involves monitoring trade negotiations, interpretation of agreements, contribution to debates and discussions on trade developments. Our research is presented in the following different formats:

 Icon TradeBriefs

Trade Briefs

Short, non-technical papers dealing with relevant trade law and policy issues, aimed at senior policy makers and non-state actors.

Recent Trade Briefs:

The AfCFTA: Overview and implications 
Gerhard Erasmus - 4 Jul 2018

Trade Facilitation in Africa: Progress, Performance and Potential 
John Stuart - 30 May 2018

Informal cross-border trading – review of the simplified trade regimes in east and southern Africa 
Taku Fundira - 8 Mar 2018

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Icon WorkingPapers

Working Papers

Detailed analysis of trade issues which contribute to the body of intellectual capital on trade matters for the region, targeted at policy makers, analysts and trade advisors.

Recent Working Papers:

The Rising Potential of e-Commerce for Trade and Development in Africa 
John Stuart - 30 May 2018

Trump’s steel and aluminium tariff action: Putting America first? 
Eckart Naumann - 7 May 2018

Rwanda: Trade and Economic Profile 
John Stuart - 2 Mar 2018

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MRI 2016-17


Collections of papers presenting a detailed analysis of a range of related trade matters, written specifically for the region.

Recent titles:

Monitoring Regional Integration in Southern Africa Yearbook 2015/16
Trudi Hartzenberg and Gerhard Erasmus (Eds) - 3 Jul 2017

WTO: Agricultural Issues for Africa 
Ron Sandrey, Moses Lubinga, William Mwanza et al. - 24 Apr 2017

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