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Monitoring Regional Integration in Southern Africa Yearbook 2017/18


Monitoring Regional Integration in Southern Africa Yearbook 2017/18

Monitoring Regional Integration in Southern Africa Yearbook 2017/18

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Monitoring Regional Integration in Southern Africa is celebrating its 15th anniversary. This edition includes a review of the developments since 2001, the year when the first edition was published. This is intended to give the reader a comprehensive idea of the manifold transformation process that the southern African region has been through in the past 15 years. This conversation is as complex as the range of social, economic and political aspects Monitoring Regional Integration in Southern Africa dealt with since its inception.

All the states in the region share a common quest for economic growth and the desire to be more present and involved in the global market, in order to draw a more positive balance from their trading activities. This goal is also the main purpose of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Although the main purpose, the linkages between politics and the economy oblige the community of nations to deal with topics that go well beyond economics. New challenges and choices arise and need to be taken in these modern and often complicated times.

The constellation of SADC has been relatively stable in the almost two decades throughout which this Monitor has been issued, with only minor changes in terms of members. This is especially remarkable when considering the radical changes and developments experienced by some member states,which consequently increased the challenge of setting common strategies and policies.

Joint strategies are also constantly challenged by the unique diversity the southern African region is marked by. Whilst appreciating each nation‘s individual character, overcoming and mastering social, historical, political,geographical and climatic differences but working as one has been one of the main accomplishments of southern African integration.

Another coalition in this ongoing process of regional integration that needs to be closely observed is the Southern African Customs Union (SACU), due to its strong influence on the economic situation of its member states as well as on the whole region. Hence, SACU as one of the oldest and still existing customs unions, will be examined in this edition as a review of the past years. The third community operating in this region is the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, which is usually not in the focus of interest for this monitor, yet should be at least considered as an influencing institution.

After reading this book, one might have a better idea of the fields in which the regional integration of southern Africa and the cooperation of the states operates and can draw a final positive balance.

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Monitoring Regional Integration 2017/18 (complete e-book)
Contents, Authors and Acronyms
Introduction: Fifteen years of monitoring regional integration in Southern Africa
Ch 1. Regional integration and disaggregated agricultural trade
Ch 2. Regional Economic Communities and the African Union in the pursuit of industrialisation: Interface testing and the creation of synergies in the case of SADC
Ch 3. The Grand Inga Dam hydropower project the unfulfilled dream to power Africa: How to make it work?
Ch 4. What reforms are necessary for the SADC trade regime to facilitate accelerated industrialisation of the region?
Ch 5. Dynamics of economic regional integration in Southern Africa 2000-15
Ch 6. How the systemic failure of energy cooperation in SADC has undermined regional integration
Ch 7. Contribution of regional integration in the SADC to electoral conflict management: lessons from Zambia’s 2016 general election
Ch 8. Policy Making in SADC: The Missing Link to Advancing Integration
Ch 9. Impact of road network on the regional trade in Africa
Ch 10. Can FTA law prevail over WTO law? Choice of forum and choice of law clauses in FTAs

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