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Access to Finance, Mobile Money, and Gender Inclusivity in Africa

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Access to Finance, Mobile Money, and Gender Inclusivity in Africa

Access to Finance, Mobile Money, and Gender Inclusivity in Africa

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The realisation of Africa’s full economic potential is exacerbated by limited access to formal financial services, which hinders the ability of entrepreneurs, especially women, to engage in trade (be it local or cross-border). However, the rise of mobile money services and digital financial innovations in Africa promises to revolutionise the continent’s financial landscape, unlocking greater financial inclusion, access to credit, and opportunities for entrepreneurs, including women. These innovations are set to streamline cross-border trade, enhance financial literacy, and improve access to government payments and social services, fostering economic growth and empowerment. With reduced transaction costs and improved financial security, these digital advancements hold the potential to reshape Africa’s economic future and drive positive change for its diverse populations.

This trade report aims to provide an overview of these financial developments, emphasising gender-related considerations wherever possible. It seeks to explore the implications of enhanced access to finance and digital financial services on women entrepreneurs and their involvement in trade. Furthermore, it will discuss the role of mobile money in economic development, regional integration and payment systems, as well as challenges to financial access and inclusion. Throughout this report, we will highlight the persistent challenges that women face in accessing financial resources and propose strategies to address these issues within the context of Africa’s evolving financial landscape.


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