tralac’s Certificate Course

International Trade Law and Policy for Africa’s Development

Starting 23 September 2019

Why enrol?

It’s your home, it’s your future, you can make a difference

The trade-development nexus requires new thinking and trade policy connections to other areas of economic policy (including industrial, labour market, education and macroeconomic policies) have to be considered for their contribution to promoting inclusive growth and equitable distribution of gains and losses. This course aims to build capacity for trade law and policy making to support development outcomes for Africa. This means addressing marginalised and excluded groups; including women, youth, informal cross-border traders and many other groups.

If you are a mid-level or senior trade policy official from Africa’s national governments, regional and continental organisations or an experienced trade policy and law practitioner from non-state organisations, including the private sector – then this course is an opportunity to engage with Africa’s trade agenda and learn how and why trade is so important for our social and economic development. On completion of the course, you will be armed with the knowledge and skills to contribute to sustainable development and African integration through trade.’ Download the course outline for further information on the course.

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