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COVID-19: Trade-related news, analysis and resources


COVID-19: Trade-related news, analysis and resources

COVID-19: Trade-related news, analysis and resources

tralac is closely monitoring trade-related policy measures and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic adopted and implemented by African countries and beyond. Below is a selection of useful resources, analyses, news items and publications particularly relevant for trade and related developments on the African continent. This webpage is updated regularly to facilitate information-sharing and dissemination.

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6 March 2022

COVID-19 Trade and trade-related measures


African countries have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic through the adoption of various trade and trade-related measures in an effort to contain the economic impact of the crisis. To monitor the situation and encourage the sharing of information, tralac has prepared a list of these measures, which is updated regularly from official sources.

To date, tralac’s country policy tracker covers COVID-19 trade and related measures for 39 African countries. In addition, tralac has a regional policy monitor covering the regional economic communities (RECs) and the African Union.

COVID 19 Country Policy Tracker    COVID 19 Response Regional Policy Monitor

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Policy monitoring tools

For information and resources relevant to Africa on the pandemic:

Additional online tools monitoring policy responses to COVID-19:

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Global monitoring by the WTO

The WTO Secretariat is monitoring member countries’ notifications on COVID-19. The list is an informal situation report and an attempt to provide transparency with respect to trade and trade-related measures taken in the context of the COVID-19 crisis.

Information Notes from the WTO Secretariat

Members’ proposals on COVID-19


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David Christianson

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Innocent Muranganwa

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COVID-19 in Africa: Trade-related resources


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