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COVID-19: Trade and related measures and responses in Africa

COVID-19: Trade and related measures and responses in Africa

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25 May 2020

Author(s): Rwatida Mafurutu and Talkmore Chidede

Most, if not all, African governments have implemented several trade-related responses and measures during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The aims of the measures are to facilitate movement of essential goods and services across borders, ensure continuity of supply chains, protect public health and food security, or curb the spread of COVID-19 through cross-border transport or trade, while curbing the spread of the virus. There have also been responses at the continental and regional levels. COVID-19 responses by the regional economic communities are mainly recommendations, administrative guidelines or cooperation and coordination mechanisms. They are not legally binding and hence not justiciable.

This Trade Brief provides an overview of the COVID-19 trade related measures adopted by member states and the responses at the continental and regional levels. The measures in this Trade Brief are not an exhaustive list; governments continue to adopt and implement new trade measures as the pandemic continues to spread across the continent. tralac is closely monitoring trade related policy measures and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic adopted and implemented by African countries and beyond.

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