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The World Trade Organisation: an African Perspective, more than a decade later


The World Trade Organisation: an African Perspective, more than a decade later

The World Trade Organisation: an African Perspective, more than a decade later

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The current Round of trade negotiations is the first ‘Development Round’. Given the challenges of addressing development issues in the context of trade negotiations in the WTO which is not a development institution it should not be surprising that the current negotiations are proving extremely difficult.

The WTO remains however the core of the rules-based system of international trade governance providing also the rules for RTAs that are still growing rapidly both in number and in scope and coverage.

The WTO was established in 1995 as the institutional anchor of the multilateral trading system. Since then significant developments have taken place on the trade agenda as well as in the participation of developing countries in the WTO.

This collection of papers provides an African perspective on the first decade of the WTO. Substantive trade issues such as agriculture remain despite their declining importance in terms of overall economic activity even in African countries of key importance to Africa.

Key issues on the agriculture agenda are not addressed on the Regional Trade Arrangement (RTA) agenda and so the WTO remains the only forum within which to address these. Africa is still engaging at the margins of the international economy and this collection of papers explores some of the challenges as well as prospects for Africa within the WTO.

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The World Trade Organisation: an African Perspective, more than a decade later [complete e-book]
Ch 1. Introduction: The WTO and Doha Round - Author(s): Taku Fundira
Ch 2. Trade and Development in the WTO – what happened during the first decade? - Author(s): Catherine Grant
Ch 3. The Multifibre Agreement – WTO Agreement on Textiles and Clothing - Author(s): Eckart Naumann
Ch 4. Agriculture and the World Trade Organization – what happened since 1995? - Author(s): Ron Sandrey
Ch 5. African Member States and the Negotiations on Dispute Settlement Reform in the World Trade Organization - Author(s): Clement Ng'ong'ola
Ch 6. The General Agreement on Trade in Services Negotiations and the Southern African Customs Union – A Preliminary Exploration of Emerging Issues - Author(s): Rashad Cassim and Lyndal Keeton
Ch 7. The challenges facing least developed countries in the GATS negotiations: a case study of Lesotho - Author(s): Calvin Manduna
Ch 8. Trade facilitation and the WTO: a critical analysis of proposals on trade facilitation and their implications for African countries - Author(s): Gainmore Zanamwe
Ch 9. WTO and the Singapore Issues - Author(s): Ron Sandrey

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