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Trading Under the AfCFTA – a Guide for Tanzania


Trading Under the AfCFTA – a Guide for Tanzania

When trading under the AfCFTA begins, Tanzania’s trade with the EAC and SADC member states will continue under existing regimes.

Tanzania, together with the other 12 SADC member states that are party to the SADC FTA, will continue to trade with one another under these SADC FTA rules. Angola, Comoros and DRC are members of SADC, but have not joined the SADC FTA. Angola has submitted a tariff offer to join the FTA.

As a customs union, EAC has a common external tariff and a common customs territory. To protect the integrity of the customs union, EAC member states have made a joint offer of tariff concessions in the AfCFTA. Tanzania will continue to trade in goods with other EAC member states, under EAC rules. Since EAC is also a common market, a single offer of specific commitments for the 5 priority services sectors (financial, communication, transport, tourism, and professional services) has been submitted.

New preferential trade opportunities for Tanzania under the AfCFTA will be with non-EAC and non-SADC countries with which Tanzania trades under WTO tariffs.

This infographic was prepared for an AfCFTA Stakeholder Sensitization Workshop held on 28 November 2023.

Trading Under the AfCFTA – a Guide for Tanzania

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