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Intra-Africa’s Non-Tariff Trade Costs (2020)


Intra-Africa’s Non-Tariff Trade Costs (2020)

Non-tariff trade costs (NTTC) include, among others: Transport costs; direct and indirect costs associated with differences in languages and currencies; and cumbersome import and export procedures.

Over a 10-year period (2011-2020), there have been no significant changes in NTTC on intra-Africa trade. Agricultural products’ NTTC remain much higher than manufacturing products’ NTTC over the review period, although declining much faster over the last 5 years relative to manufacturing products’ NTTC. Intra-REC non-tariff trade costs are lower than between RECs (inter-REC).

Intra-Africa’s Non-Tariff Trade Costs (2020)

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