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ILO publication: Trade and decent work: Indicator guide (2021)

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ILO publication: Trade and decent work: Indicator guide (2021)

ILO publication: Trade and decent work: Indicator guide (2021)


Decent work conditions and trade policies can have a great impact on a country’s economy and its workforce. For this reason, the International Labour Organization (ILO) recently published a guide addressing decent work indicators in trade policies and trade agreements. Many aspects such as employment, rights at work, social protection and social dialogue are identified as priorities in this context. The report aims to provide an assessment of the relation between trade and labour law. By proposing decent work indicators, this guide can be used for a comprehensive assessment of the trade policies’ effect on the labour market and vice versa.

While much research on this subject still needs to be done, ILO proposes a human-centred approach for policymakers to assess trade agreements. This guide should therefore be consulted by policymakers before negotiating and concluding new trade agreements to line up with the ILO objectives of inclusive growth, full employment, and decent work for all. This Trade Brief reviews the first chapter of the report: Conceptual framework: a decent work approach.

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