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It’s official: Tanzania Customs Integrated System has started


It’s official: Tanzania Customs Integrated System has started

It’s official: Tanzania Customs Integrated System has started
Officials say TANCIS will mean considerable cost savings for clearing agents. Photo credit: East African Business Week

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has said that its new system known as Tanzania Customs Integrated System (Tancis) aimed at bringing greater transparency in customs clearance has officially started with Dar es Salaam customers only. 

The system, which is also aimed to simplify and speed up the import and export of goods through the customs came into effect on Tuesday.

Speaking in an interview with The Guardian at the ongoing Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF), TRA Director for Taxpayer Services and Education, Richard Kayombo, said the tax body has started administering the system with Dar es Salaam customers before moving to other regions after a successful pilot project.

Kayombo also said that in the Tancis pilot project, about 13 clearing and forwarding companies were involved.

He pointed out that the system will help clearing agents not to move from one office to another in their quest for document clearance.

“Clearing and forwarding agents, customers will be able to access Tancis at the comfort of their own offices as long as they have access to the internet,” he clarified.

He underscored that the system will also link in with other stakeholders like shipping lines and ports authorities to speed up goods clearing processes, while banks will also be joined to facilitate quick payment of customs fees and duties.

“Tancis will bring greater transparency in customs clearance requirements and processes. As the system will be available online, all relevant parties will be able to access it for relevant documentation. We therefore expect to reduce cheating, since everything will be online and no one will cheat anyone through this system,” he said.

He underscored that the system will also issue sms alerts to inform importers on the progress of their clearance requests so they could know at all times what is happening and be able to do verifications.

Speaking recently when he visited the Tancis offices, the ICF Board of Trustees co-chair Neville Isdel said “it is good to see what is happening on the ground and to get a full picture of the effectiveness of the project.”

“This has been an impressive project visit. It is encouraging to see the passion and commitment that TRA has for this new system. It gives us confidence that the project will go on well and be of great benefit to Tanzania,” he said. 

He added: “ICF is happy to work with TRA in this initiative to speed up movement of cargo and help to improve the investment climate in Tanzania.”

The Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) is a development institution that is donor funded and private sector focused, whose purpose is to work with businesses and African governments to improve the investment climate in respective African countries. 

Based in Tanzania, it is a unique partnership between governments, the private sector and development partners.

It believes that an improved investment climate is critical for job creation, income growth and poverty reduction across the continent.

Therefore, it works with African governments to create a conducive, legal, regulatory and administrative environment for businesses, both big and small to invest, grow and create jobs.

Apart from customs modernisation, ICF also provides support in the areas of trade facilitation, property rights and contract enforcement, business registration and licensing, taxation, financial markets, infrastructure facilitation, labour markets, competition, and corruption and crime. It is supported by development partners and the private sector. 


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