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tralac Certificate Course 2023


tralac Certificate Course 2023

tralac Certificate Course 2023

April - June 2023 | Online and in-person (Cape Town)


tralac is pleased to present the 2023 Certificate Course – Interanational Trade Law and Policy for Africa’s Development. The course consists of three modules and provides comprehensive coverage of International Trade Law and Policy in the 21st Century, from an African perspective.

The trade policy environment has been significantly impacted by recent developments, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and concomitant geo-political shifts. While trade has in recent decades lifted many millions across the world out of poverty, inequality and exclusion are still defining features of global trade and economic development. For these reasons, trade policy remains contested and important, especially for African countries. We are cognisant of the fact that of the world’s 46 least developed countries, 33 are African. Several are in debt crisis; this further complicates their trade and economic policy agendas.

Trade policy connections to other areas of economic policy (including industrial, fiscal, labour market, education, and macroeconomic policies) have to be considered for their contribution to promoting inclusive growth and equitable distribution of gains and losses. This course aims to build capacity for trade law and policy making to support sustainable development outcomes for Africa; to ensure that trade works for all, including marginalised and excluded groups, including women, youth, and informal cross-border traders.

There is renewed interest in trade and regional integration in Africa, partly as a result of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). The AfCFTA entered into force at the end of May 2019, and negotiations are progressing towards the conclusion of the Phase 1 agenda (outstanding issues include tariff concessions and select Rules of origin, and specific commitments on the priority services sectors). Phase 2 Protocols on Investment, Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights have been adopted by the African Union Assembly at the February 2023 Summit (State Parties will continue negotiations to conclude the necessary annexes to these Protocols), and negotiations on Digital Trade and Women and Youth in Trade will begin soon.

This course will focus specifically on issues relevant to the AfCFTA and Africa’s broader trade and integration agenda. Africa’s global trade relations will also be studied. These relationships remain important given that more than 80% of Africa’s trade is still with global partners.

Course Outline

pdf Tralac 2023 Certificate Course Outline (979 KB)

Who should apply?

  • Mid- and senior-level trade policy officials and lawyers from Africa's national governments, regional and continental organisations.
  • Experienced trade policy and law pracitioners from non-state organisations.

Applications from women and representatives from least developed countries will be specifically considered.

To Apply:

Please prepare the following: 

  1. a detailed CV,
  2. transcripts of degrees,
  3. a letter of recommendation and
  4. one-minute video of introduction recorded on a mobile device. This is a chance for us to get a better sense of you beyond your documents. Please tell us anything more about you that might be relevant (e.g. your academic/professional background, why the course would be of benefit to you).

The above should be dropped into this application form.

The application is due by 28 March 2023.

Applicants will received a response by 10 April 2023.


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