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tralac training for Journalists – Cape Town, 15-16 October 2018


tralac training for Journalists – Cape Town, 15-16 October 2018

tralac training for Journalists – Cape Town, 15-16 October 2018

Reporting on trade and integration matters for Africa: a training course for journalists

The Trade Law Centre (tralac) builds capacity for Africa to trade better. To this end, tralac offers training programmes, does analysis of trade and integration developments, and supports an active debate on trade and regional integration law and policy. We are convinced that access to information on trade and integration developments is essential to enhance the quality of trade policy and governance. The role of the media, and specifically of journalists, is critical to make progress in these areas.

tralac hosted its first training workshop for journalists who write on trade and integration matters in May this year, and following requests from journalists, a second course is being presented on 15-16 October, in Cape Town, South Africa. The aim of the training workshop, is not only to provide updates on trade developments, and facilitate discussion among journalists, but also to appraise the important changes that are taking place with respect to access to information, the role of the media, technology and innovation in the media and associated governance issues, and the relationship between journalists and sources of information (including official government sources, think tanks and experts).

The Workshop will include practical exercises and reviewing case studies, including reports on the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). In addition, the programme will include a focus on the use of data, infographics / visualisation, and the use of different channels of information dissemination (including social media).

tralac aims to establish a network of trade journalists in Africa – these training courses are designed to support journalists reporting on Africa’s trade and integration agenda.

If you or your organisation are interested in attending a tralac training course or would like to request training in a specific area, please complete our online request form.


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