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Ghana – trade and trade related issues

Johann Boonzaaier, Ron Sandrey and William Mwanza - 25 Jun 2014
The World Bank reports that Ghana is a medium sized country in west Africa, with a land area of around the same size as the United Kingdom or Uganda. The reported population in 2012 was around 25 million (the same as Mozambique and a bit more than Australia), giving the country a population...

Africa’s clothing trade – trading less amongst ourselves than with other partners?

Ron Sandrey, Brian Mureverwi and Benjamin Nkurunziza - 25 Jun 2014
Much of the focus for African industrialisation must be on the clothing sector, as this is the classic low-tech and low-wage sector for an industrial base to assist an economy with limited industrial capacity (as in Africa excluding South Africa). We have defined clothing as all the products...