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China, Africa devoted to deepening cooperation

China, Africa devoted to deepening cooperation

09 May 14  News
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s ongoing four-nation Africa tour, which started Sunday, is widely expected to deepen cooperation between the Asian giant and the promising c...
Assessing South Africa’s trading relationship with China

Assessing South Africa’s trading relationship with China

12 Dec 13  Publications
The Economist (2013), in its usual succinct manner, sums up the African trading position as follows: “Africa is a continent rich in minerals and oil. China has an economy th...
China and South Africa on their way to sustainable trade relations

China and South Africa on their way to sustainable trade relations

29 May 13  Publications
Over the last decade China has become South Africa’s single biggest trading partner. In this period foreign direct investment from China in South Africa grew as well. Although So...
South Africa’s way ahead: Shall we Samba?

South Africa’s way ahead: Shall we Samba?

14 Apr 10  Publications
The timing of the third book in tralac’s ‘South Africa’s way ahead’ series exploring trade policy options fits perfectly with the recent interest in examining both South Af...
tralac at Rhodes University’s China Week 2009

tralac at Rhodes University’s China Week 2009

16 Oct 09  Event
Rhodes University held a China Week in Grahamstown from 28 September to 2 October. This colloquium, which examined economic relations between Africa and China, was supported by the...

China-Africa merchandise trade for the December 2008 year

09 Sep 09  Publications
The objective of this paper is to examine the merchandise trading profile between Africa and China. This trade has seen dramatic growth in recent years, with this growth rate almos...
South Africa’s way ahead: looking East

South Africa’s way ahead: looking East

25 Apr 09  Publications
South Africa is interested in strengthening trade relations with developing country partners and is articulating a strong ‘Look East’ policy. Trade links with China and India s...

SACU, China and India: the implication of FTAs for Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland (BLNS)

20 Jan 09  Publications
In assessing the future trade policy options for SACU, China and India’s dramatically increasing role as trading giants on the world scene has to be taken into account in these c...

China and New Zealand: an assessment of the recent FTA agreement

25 Aug 08  Publications
South Africa, having undergone dramatic reforms of its economy since the 1990s, is cautiously seeking to examine trade policy changes. But the reforming zeal has long gone. Meanwhi...

Non-tariff measures inhibiting South African exports to China and India

20 Aug 08  Publications
As international tariffs are being reduced, increased attention is being given to the role of non-tariff measures (NTMs). In many cases these NTMs have been there all the time, but...

South Africa and China: the agricultural and fisheries trading relationship

09 Apr 08  Publications
A feature of world trade over the last ten years has been the dramatic growth of China’s trade with the world, and this paper examines the agricultural component of that trade. D...
South Africa’s way ahead: trade policy options

South Africa’s way ahead: trade policy options

04 Nov 07  Publications
This book presents the output of a tralac project focusing on the trade agenda of South Africa and the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) of which South Africa is a member. The ...
tralac Annual Conference 2007

tralac Annual Conference 2007

16 Oct 07  Event
tralac not only hosted its 5th Annual Conference but also celebrated 5 years of developing and building trade capacity in the region. Our flagship event was hosted at the BMW pavil...

Revisiting the South African-China trading relationship

08 May 07  Publications
A feature of South African imports in recent years has been the increasing penetration of the market by China and the dominance of this market in sectors where China actively compe...

Trade and economic implications of the South African restrictions regime on imports of clothing from China

24 Oct 06  Publications
After some deliberation but not consultation, the South Africa Government announced its Memorandum of Understanding relating to restrictions on the importation of clothing from Chi...

The Memorandum of Understanding and quotas on clothing and textile imports from China: Who wins?

24 Oct 06  Publications
Clothing, textile and footwear imports from China have increased very significantly since the turn of the century. Many newspaper articles relate the problems the industry faced, s...

A possible SACU/China Free Trade Agreement (FTA): Implications for the SA manufacturing sector

29 Aug 06  Publications
Regional trade agreements are becoming an increasingly popular trade policy tool in many countries, and SACU/South Africa is embracing this concept with a view to furthering i...

South African Merchandise Trade with China

04 May 06  Publications
The data analysis in this paper examines South African imports into China and Chinese imports into South Africa. Data through to December 2005 is sourced from the respective countr...


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