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Angola: Intra-Africa trade and tariff profile

Angola: Intra-Africa trade and tariff profile

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Intra-Africa trade profile for 2018

In 2018, Angola exported and imported goods to the value of US$2.2 billion and US$1.9 billion to and from the rest of Africa, respectively. Intra-Africa exports account for 5% of Angola’s total exports and imports for 12% of total imports for 2018.

  • Between 2017 and 2018, Angola’s exports and imports to and from African countries increased by 28% and 15%, respectively. The increase in exports are mainly due to US$706 million increase in exports of sea vessels; the increase in imports can mainly be attributed to increased imports of petroleum oils (not crude) and mixtures of odoriferous substances (an additive used in the food and beverage industry).

  • 69% of Angola’s African exports are crude petroleum oils and light-vessels, fire-floats and dredgers. While exports of crude petroleum oils declined by 21% between 2017 and 2018, exports of light vessels increased by US$378 million.

  • Other export products include other vessels including pleasure boats and lifeboats, sawn wood and fresh fish. The top 10 export products account for 92% of Angola’s intra-African exports.

  • 51% of Angola’s imports sourced from other African countries are petroleum oils (not crude). Other imports include frozen fish, unspecified commodities and undenatured ethyl alcohol. Unspecified commodities are mainly imported from South Africa and Kenya; however, at HS6 the commodities remain unspecified and trade data at the national tariff line level for Angola has not been available since 2015. Accordingly, 2% of Angola’s intra-Africa imports are inexplicable.

  • The top 10 import products account for 66% of Angola’s intra-Africa imports.

  • Angola mainly trades with South Africa; 52% of Angola’s intra-Africa exports (3% of Angola’s world exports) are destined for South Africa. 32% of Angola’s African imports are sourced from South Africa.

  • In terms of total trade (exports + imports) other main African trade partners include Togo (24% of Angola’s total intra-Africa trade), Namibia (10%) and Congo (8%).

Intra-Africa import tariffs

At HS8 Angola has 5563 tariff lines; tariff rates are duty-free, low (1%-5% tariffs), medium (10%-20% tariffs), high (30%-50% tariffs) and excessive (60% and 70% tariffs). 44% of Angola’s tariff lines are duty-free, while only 1% have excessive tariffs.

Of the US$1.9 billion worth of goods Angola imported from the rest of Africa in 2018 only 19% were imports of duty-free goods; 5% were of goods facing tariffs of 50% and higher. Of the top 20 import products 7 tariff lines are duty-free. These products include mixtures of odoriferous substances, maize flour, milk and cream in solid form and refined sugar. 2% tariffs are levied on imports of light and medium oils and preparations and nonagglomerated coal, while a 5% import duty is applicable to imports of unused postage. High import duties, of 30% and higher are levied on six products – frozen mackerel (30% import duties), onion and apples (50% import duties) and undenatured ethyl alcohol and cigarettes (60% import duties).


Angola: Intra-Africa trade and tariff profile | August 2019
Infographic: Angola – Intra-Africa trade and tariff profile | August 2019

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