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Congo: Intra-Africa trade and tariff profile

Congo: Intra-Africa trade and tariff profile

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This Trade Data Update provides an overview of Congo’s intra-African trade relationships, both within the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and with other individual African countries; the top import and export products traded; and applicable tariffs.

Intra-Africa trade

Congo’s trade composition with Africa is relatively concentrated in a few products in terms for both imports and exports, albeit exports are more concentrated. Congo has a trade deficit with Africa. In 2017, intra-Africa exports were valued at US$ 1.9 billion while imports were over US$ 1.69 billion. Intra-Africa exports account for 27% of Congo’s global exports while intra-Africa imports account for 34% of Congo’s global imports.

The bulk of exports were destined to ECCAS states – Angola (27%); Cameroon (22%) and Gabon (6%). Namibia; Ghana Ivory Coast; Nigeria and Egypt, although not members of ECCAS featured in the top 10 with a combined share of 42% of Congo’s intra-Africa exports in 2017. Top 10 export destinations accounted for 99% of Congo’s total intra-Africa exports.

In terms of import sources, Namibia; Angola; Gabon and Equatorial Guinea alone accounted for 64% of Congo’s intra-Africa imports. Nigeria; Ghana; Côte d’Ivoire; Cameroon; and DRC accounted for an additional 26% share of Congo’s intra-Africa imports. Top 10 countries had a combined import share of 92% in 2017.

Top export products were most marine transport vessels and machinery. Cruise ships, excursion boats and ferry boats accounted for almost 50% share of intra-Africa exports. Top 10 products accounted for 97% of Congo’s total intra-Africa exports. Top imports on the other hand included not only marine transport vessels and machinery, but also Petroleum oils; Cigars, and cigarettes. Congo’s top 10 intra-Africa imports accounted for 92% of its total intra-Africa imports.

Intra-Africa tariff analysis

Congo is party to ECCAS and since the FTA is not yet in force, no preferences are accorded to ECCAS members with exception of Cameroon and Gabon that signed a PTA amongst each other and thus enjoy preferential access to Congo.

With the exclusion of Cameroon and Gabon, Congo’s total intra-Africa imports were valued at about US$ 1.4 billion in 2017 which is equivalent to 73% of Congo’s total intra-Africa imports. Of all products imported, the average tariff rate was about 12%. Given that there is little preferential access to Congo, the majority of imports are similar to the total imported from Africa – marine transport and petroleum oils as well as frozen fish. Top 10 imports from these countries accounted for almost 93% of Congo’s non-REC intra-Africa imports in 2017.


Congo: Intra-Africa trade and tariff profile | November 2018
Infographic: Congo – Intra-Africa trade and tariff profile | November 2018
Congo: Intra-Africa trade data spreadsheet | November 2018

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