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Benin: Intra-Africa trade and tariff profile

Benin: Intra-Africa trade and tariff profile

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Intra-Africa trade profile for 2018

In 2018, Benin exported and imported goods to and from the rest of Africa to the value of US$182 million and US$690 million, respectively. Intra-Africa exports account for 19% of Benin’s total exports and imports for 21% of total imports for 2018.

  • Between 2017 and 2018, Benin’s world exports increased by 30%, but intra-Africa exports declined by 1%. The decline can be attributed to a decline in exports of all major export products, including seed oils, woven cotton fabric and cement. The only main export products which showed an increase in exports between 2017 and 2018 were cotton and chicken meat and edible offal.

  • World and intra-Africa imports increased by 7% and 52% respectively between 2017 and 2018. The increase in intra-Africa imports can be attributed to a significant increase in imports of fertilisers, frozen fish and goods vehicles.

  • In 2018 Benin’s main intra-Africa export products were cotton, chicken meat and edible offal, seed oils and cement. The top 10 export products account for 82% of total intra-Africa exports.

  • The main import products are electrical energy, frozen fish, palm oil and fertilisers. Between 2017 and 2018 imports of all major products, except petroleum oils (not crude) increased. The top 10 imports account for 66% of Benin’s total intra-Africa imports.

  • In terms of total trade (exports + imports), Togo and Nigeria are Benin’s main trading partners accounting for 54% of Benin’s total intra-Africa trade.

  • Other trading partners include Morocco (9% of total intra-Africa trade), Ivory Coast (8%), Mauritania (6%) and Egypt (4%).

  • Benin mainly exports productsto other ECOWAS member states which accounts for 77% of Benin’s intra-Africa exports. The main African destination markets are Nigeria, Egypt and Niger; destination markets for 74% of Benin’s intra-Africa exports. Apart from Egypt, other important destination markets outside ECOWAS are South Africa (2% of intra-Africa exports) and Chad (2%).

  • 71% of Benin’s intra-Africa imports are sourced from other ECOWAS member states; mainly from Togo (44% of intra-Africa imports), Nigeria (12%) and Ivory Coast (8%). Morocco is one of the only main African source markets (11% of intra-Africa imports) outside ECOWAS.

Intra-Africa import tariffs

Benin subscribes to the ECOWAS ETLS enabling all qualifying goods sourced from approved producers in the other ECOWAS member states to be imported into Benin duty-free. Goods imported from CEN-SAD countries, which are not ECOWAS member states (including Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Somalia and Tunisia) and the rest of Africa are levied the MFN applied duty. Benin’s MFN applied duty is the ECOWAS CET which has five tariff bands – duty-free, 5%, 10%, 20% and 35%.

28% of Benin’s total intra-Africa trade is with countries outside ECOWAS: 23% of intra-Africa exports and 29% of intra-Africa imports. 75% of Benin’s exports to African countries outside ECOWAS are cotton, 8% oilcake and 2% iron orsteel hot-rolled bars and rods in irregularly wound coils. 91% of these exports are to Egypt (75% of exports to Africa outside ECOWAS), South Africa and Chad. Between 2017 and 2018 Benin’s imports from African countries outside ECOWAS almost doubled, mainly due to imports of fertilisers, frozen mackerel and diesel goods vehicles increasing by US$53 million, US$48 million and US$12 million respectively. The main markets these products are sourced from are Morocco, Mauritania, South Africa and Angola. Few products imported from African countries outside ECOWAS are duty-free imports or imports levied 35% duties; most imports face 5% and 10% import duties. Of the top 20 imports only one product – liquefied butanes – is imported duty-free.


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