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Intra-SACU trading relationship – 2015


Intra-SACU trading relationship – 2015

Trade within the SACU is highly asymmetric, with South Africa (SA) dominating trade in both directions and the other countries far more dependent on SACU than SA. SA runs a massive trade surplus with the rest of SACU, equivalent to nearly 50% of its total trade (exports and imports) to SACU. Lesotho, on the other hand, runs a massive trade deficit with SACU, at more than 60% of its total trade with SACU. 16% of SA’s exports and 5% of its imports are accounted for by SACU, whereas for the rest of SACU these figures are 43% and 78% respectively. This reflects the dependence of the non-SA members on SA’s importing infrastructure. Namibia’s exports to SACU account for nearly half of its total exports.

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