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AfCFTA Rules of Origin Fact Sheet (1)


AfCFTA Rules of Origin Fact Sheet (1)

Introduction to the AfCFTA RoO

Key provisions, sectoral approach and outstanding issues

The AfCFTA RoO are being negotiated on a sector by sector level, resulting in product-specific origin rules (rather than generic origin criteria that apply equally to all products). The advantage of this is that suitable criteria can be designed that better take account of the specific dynamics of each sector; however, this process also means that negotiations are more complex and time consuming. The general RoO provisions contained in the main RoO Protocol (Annex II) however apply equally to all products.

This is the first of two AfCFTA RoO FactSheets. The second, Interpreting the rules | Key sector outcomes, is available here.

AfCFTA Rules of Origin Fact Sheet (1)
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