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Comoros: 2019 intra-Africa trade and tariff profile


Comoros: 2019 intra-Africa trade and tariff profile

In 2019, 12% of Comoros’ world exports and 10% of imports were to and from the rest of Africa. Between 2018 and 2019, Comoros’ intra-Africa exports increased significantly by 348%, while imports fell by 19%. 79% of Comoros’ intra-Africa exports go to Madagascar, and 10% to Tanzania. 26% of the imports are sourced from Mauritius, 21% from South Africa and 14% from Madagascar. Comoros mainly trades with SADC countries like Madagascar, Mauritius, South Africa and Tanzania – 30%, 21%, 16% and 12% of Comoro’s intra-Africa trade. Outside COMESA, Comoros mainly exports refrigerators, cloves, iron waste and scrap, and textile tents. Comoros mainly import cane or beet sugar, preserved fish, waters, milk and cream from African countries outside COMESA. Most of the imports from outside COMESA are levied import duties in Comoros.

Comoros: 2019 intra-Africa trade and tariff profile
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