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Trade facilitation performance in Africa


Trade facilitation performance in Africa

Trade facilitation (TF) refers to measures taken by a sovereign nation and its agencies to remove or ameliorate hindrances to cross-border trade of goods and services. In the African context, it has the potential to improve trade between Africa and the rest of the world (ROW) as well as, and importantly given the pre-eminence of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), intra-African trade.

In this infographic, the filled map provides an overview of the TF status for the members of the African Union. The colour shading on the map represents the overall TF score, with the grading from the highest score (green) to the lowest score (red). The spectrum of scores range from the highest scoring nations – South Africa, Morocco – through to the lowest – Sudan and Equatorial Guinea. In between is a range of scores reflecting a wide variety of readiness for trade facilitation.

This infographic accompanies a recent tralac Trade Brief by John Stuart, entitled Trade Facilitation in Africa: Progress, Performance and Potential, which is available to download here.

Trade facilitation performance in Africa
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