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Botswana: 2019 intra-Africa trade and tariff profile

For 2019, 95% of Botswana’s total intra-Africa trade was with neighbouring South Africa and Namibia. 68% of the US$743 million worth of intra-Africa exports were to South Africa, mainly diamonds and insulated wire. Also, 84% of intra-Africa imports were sourced from South Africa which includes imports of diamonds, petroleum oils and goods vehicles. Accordingly, only 0.4% of Botswana’s intra-Africa exports and 0.2% of intra-Africa imports are to and from African countries which are not members of SACU and /or SADC. 48% of these exports are animal vaccines, while 58% of these imports are sourced from Morocco (mainly circuit breakers).

Botswana: 2019 intra-Africa trade and tariff profile
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