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The 2019 European Parliamentary Election results

The 2019 European Parliamentary Election results

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28 Jun 2019

Author(s): Gerhard Erasmus

The 2019 European Parliamentary elections were, in many ways, a battle for the hearts and minds of the citizens of the member states. The “values” for which the EU stands, its supra-nationality and deep integration features, were at stake. Choices also needed to be made with respect to Brexit. In the UK, these elections were fought primarily over its own future, not that of the EU.

What do the results of the 2019 EU elections signal? The European Parliament will be a more varied legislature, on a foundation of higher public engagement with the EU. It is strengthened by more active participation in the elections and a demonstration of the EU’s relevance for the efforts to tackle the problems faced by the Union as a whole.

Are there any lessons for Africa? Negotiations around the establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) repeatedly emphasize the importance of joint legal arrangements and policies to cope with the continent’s developmental needs and its governance and infrastructural deficits. African governments must be united in their efforts to ensure policy stability, certainty and consistency in order for the continental integration agenda to succeed.

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