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Capacity building at tralac – Geek Week, 10-13 April 2017

Capacity building at tralac – Geek Week, 10-13 April 2017

geek week

tralac hosted a ‘Geek Week’ at the tralac offices outside Stellenbosch from Monday 10 April to Thursday 13 April 2017. This practical data and trade policy training session was led by tralac Associate Ron Sandrey and afforded the participants a practical trade data and policy analysis learning experience.

The Geek Week was attended by ten trade policy analysts who worked in teams on four main topics. The teams completed their draft papers on the relevant topics during the week and these will be published as either tralac Working Papers or Trade Briefs on the tralac website. The topics focused on during the week were:

  1. Brazil, Russia, India, China-Africa trade – is it all about China’s trade with South Africa? In the past two decades, Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) have had growing trade and political relations with Africa and South Africa (SA) culminating in the formalisation of the BRICS forum, with South Africa becoming one of the BRICs. Alongside these developments, Africa’s trade ties with the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) have remained strong. This paper will examine BRIC-Africa and BRIC-SA trade

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