Building capacity to help Africa trade better

tralac prepares for the Soccer World Cup


tralac prepares for the Soccer World Cup

tralac prepares for the Soccer World Cup

As tralac contemplates trade-related issues associated with the first Soccer World Cup on African soil, we realise that a services agenda for African countries focuses also on many fundamental development challenges that we face on this continent.

Transport, information and communication services, financial services, and tourism are but some of the services sectors that will contribute to a successful World Cup. South Africa has worked hard to develop infrastructure to ensure that the teams and their supporters will be able to celebrate not only the beautiful game but also what this country and many others in our region can offer the world.

While infrastructure development can serve to lower the transaction costs of doing business and assist our business to become more competitive and so create sustainable employment and reduce poverty, a regulatory reform agenda and a trade in services agenda are equally important. Without appropriate regulation to facilitate efficient use of infrastructure, we might as well live with pot-holes in our roads.

While the World Cup provides an opportunity to reflect on these trade – competitiveness – development linkages, it is also an opportunity for us to invite you to celebrate South Africa and Africa’s World Cup!


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