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Past Events

26-05-2014 to 26-05-2014   Workshop
15-05-2014 to 16-05-2014   Annual Conference
25-04-2013 to 26-04-2013   Annual Conference
19-04-2012 to 20-04-2012   Annual Conference
09-09-2011 to 09-09-2011   Roundtable
tralac launched its Alumni Network and held its first Alumni Roundtable in September 2011. Alumni from the Postgraduate Diploma Programme shared their perspectives on regional integration in east and southern Africa.
08-09-2011 to 09-09-2011   Annual Conference
tralac’s 2011 Annual Conference focused on trade-related developments in east and southern Africa; providing an opportunity to assess the regional integration agenda in this part of the African continent.
16-09-2010 to 17-09-2010   Annual Conference
tralac’s 2010 Annual Conference focused on trade-related developments in East and Southern Africa, including SACU matters, the Tripartite FTA, regional integration issues, and capacity-building in the region, as well as emerging global trade topics.
03-09-2009 to 04-09-2009   Annual Conference
tralac’s 2009 Annual Conference aimed to critically review the past year’s key trade-related developments, both at a regional level in southern Africa, and at the global level.


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