South Africa’s PPE shortage – what can we learn?

14 Oct 2020 ~ David Christianson
Within the first week of South Africa’s lock down in response to the Covid-19 crisis, at the end of March, health care professionals were warning that locally available supplies of more

National and regional perspectives and responses on the impact of COVID-19 on cross-border trade and Customs border management – what are we learning?

12 Oct 2020 ~ Rwatida Mafurutu
What began as a worldwide health crisis, turned out to be a global economic shock of unimaginable effects on cross-border trade for travellers, traders, transporters, and policy-makers in more

Effects of the COVID-19 Measures on Trade Facilitation in SADC

12 Oct 2020 ~ Innocent Muranganwa
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people worldwide and to try and contain the spread of the virus governments the world over have imposed various measures which have limited more

COVID-19 Control Measures in SADC – Striking a balance between control and Trade Facilitation

12 Oct 2020 ~ Innocent Muranganwa
The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have not spared the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region and like in all other parts of the world, economies of the member states have more

Why is Brexit still so difficult?

05 Oct 2020 ~ Gerhard Erasmus
On 1 January 1973, the United Kingdom (UK) joined the European Economic Community, as it then was. Forty-four years later, on 29 March 2017, the UK Government notified the European more

Africa’s Trade with the EU and the UK post Brexit

05 Oct 2020 ~ Gerhard Erasmus
Until the United Kingdom (UK) finally exits from the European Union (EU) single market at the end of this year, most African exports to the UK enjoy preferential access in terms of the more

The UK-SACUM Economic Partnership Agreement

05 Oct 2020 ~ Gerhard Erasmus
Until 31 December 2020, goods exported from the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) member states and from Mozambique to the United Kingdom (UK) will be covered by the SADC-EU Economic more

Industrial development – the importance of services, regulation and good governance

06 Sep 2020 ~ Talkmore Chidede, Trudi Hartzenberg
Services, appropriate regulation and good governance are critical in industrial, and broader economic development. Services play a very significant role in Africa’s economic development; more

South Africa’s July 2020 trade data – exports recover while imports remain below 2019 levels

05 Sep 2020 ~ Willemien Viljoen
Between June and July of this year, South Africa’s total trade (exports + imports) increased by 12 percent.[1] Since May, South Africa has a trade surplus (global exports exceed imports) more

How Trade Arrangements such as AGOA can drive Industrialisation in Less Developed Africa

03 Sep 2020 ~ John Stuart
The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is an act of the United States Congress, passed in 2000 and with the purpose of granting qualifying sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries more

January-June 2020 trade data: intermediates destined for African countries in transit through South Africa

03 Sep 2020 ~ Willemien Viljoen
Although numerous African countries are yet to release trade data for 2020, South Africa’s trade data for the first six months of 2020[1] not only include South Africa’s official more

COVID-19: Lessons for industrial development and policy for Africa

03 Sep 2020 ~ Trudi Hartzenberg, Talkmore Chidede
Impact of COVID-19 The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has severely affected industries and economic fundamentals (e.g. demand, supply and production) in Africa and globally. It has more

Regional industrial development in Africa – how can COVID-19 responses contribute?

03 Sep 2020 ~ Talkmore Chidede, Trudi Hartzenberg
Industrial development has always been featured in Africa’s integration agenda. In recent years this focus has been sharpened and industrial strategies at continental and regional more

COVID-19 – implications for SEZ in Africa: lessons from Rwanda

03 Sep 2020 ~ Aleksa Burmazovic
COVID-19’s dire short-term economic consequences have the potential to act as a catalyst for much needed change for SEZs across Africa. Many marginal Special Economic Zones (SEZ) more

The Secretariat is pivotal to the success of the AfCFTA

17 Aug 2020 ~ Trudi Hartzenberg
A recent World Bank study emphasises the importance of implementation and the reduction of ‘red tape and simplification of customs procedures’ as key to the success of the AfCFTA. more

40th SADC Summit and the anticipated key trade issues on the agenda

14 Aug 2020 ~ Rwatida Mafurutu
The 2020 Southern African Development Community (SADC) 40th Summit of Heads of State and Government kicked off in earnest on the 10th of August 2020. The Summit is being coordinated more

Brexit – Some Implications for Financial Services

30 Jul 2020 ~ Dirk de Vos, Trudi Hartzenberg
Most discussions surrounding trade tend to focus on the trade of goods. Physical items, whether primary or manufactured products, are inherently tradeable. Services, restricted as they more

COVID-19 and the gender-related economic consequences for Africa

30 Jul 2020 ~ Gavin van der Nest
The world is struggling to cope with the economic and health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, its impact on women, and in particular the economic impact on women in sectors more

Testing Covid-19 regulations – the threshold looks low

28 Jul 2020 ~ Dawid van Wyk
The South African Government’s first response to the Covid-19 pandemic was a hard lockdown, as it was called. The public response to the accompanying curtailment of rights and freedoms more

Does the AfCFTA have a formula to tackle Africa’s Non-Tariff Barriers?

28 Jul 2020 ~ Gerhard Erasmus
Whereas tariffs are the taxes or duties imposed on imported goods, non-tariff barriers (NTBs) refer to restrictions resulting from prohibitions, conditions, or requirements that make the more